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GC Hotel opens in Covid-19

Posted on 26 May 2020
When choosing to open a brand new 4.5 star apartment hotel on the Gold Coast, the Covid-19 pandemic was certainly not in the sights for the grand opening, but experienced franchisees Joshua and Fleur Nadzielski are very optimistic. The pair have gone full steam ahead launching Quest Apartment Hotel's first Gold Coast property in the heart of Robina, with confidence the region's pre-covid economic boom will continue post lockdown. The $32-million Quest Robina opened on Monday 4th M...
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Study finds Gold Coast businesses hurting more

Posted on 18 May 2020
The Gold Coast economy is among the worst hit in the state with businesses in the region reporting massive declines in revenue because of the COVID-19 crisis. These are the findings of the first ever Gold Coast Pulse Survey Report, which is a joint initiative between CCIQ and Gold Coast Chambers of Commerce, and is produced as part of CCIQ's Queensland Pulse Survey Report. Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce President Martin Hall said the Gold Coast economy had a significant reliance...
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A Message from State Member for Mermaid, Ray Stevens - May 2020

Posted on 6 May 2020
We are now starting week 8 of the COVID-19 pandemic and I am pleased we are seeing positive results on the health front.  It is now the start of May and the onset of autumn together with shorter days are well and truly with us.  COVID-19 continues to dominate public discourse as well as our economy and population at large.  The Gold Coast continues to 'roll with the punches' and small business's innovative responses to this crisis continues to surprise and ener...
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Posted on 29 April 2020
Dear Premier, We write to you on behalf of the 400,000+ small and medium businesses across Queensland as we do our best to protect private enterprise from the initial impact of coronavirus. Many businesses have benefited, and many jobs have been salvaged through extra funding and assistance from your government, and for this we say thanks. But while the curve might be flattening, the economic and social impacts of coronavirus are only just starting to emerge. So many livelihoods have been...
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Free Memberships and Free Events

Posted by Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce President Martin Hall on 16 April 2020
The Gold Coast's peak business body is waiving membership fees for 6 months and launching a new series of interactive webinars in a move to help local businesses navigate the current tough economic landscape and support them on the road to recovery. Businesses can sign up to the Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce's 'Business Support Membership' for free for 6 months while existing members will have their memberships automatically extended. The special interactive Q&A webinar...
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A Message from State Member for Mermaid, Ray Stevens - April 2020

Posted on 7 April 2020
It is only one month since my last communication and I cannot believe how swiftly change has occurred on every level in our community with the unprecedented and rapid spread of covid-19.

This pandemic has to date not only significantly impacted the economy and population of our great country but also decimated the local Gold Coast tourism industry and related business, hotels, cafes, restaurants, conference facilities, resulting in the closure of most businesses other than essential s...
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