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A Message from State Member for Mermaid, Ray Stevens - March 2020

Posted on 4 March 2020
Greetings all as the first quarter of 2020 is rapidly coming to a close.  The big story on everyone's lips is the world-wide health alert over the brand-new epidemic called coronavirus.  Not only ruining the reputation of a great beer, it is hard to gauge at this point in time how much damage this virus will do to the well-being of Australia and the world's population and importantly how much damage it will do to the economy of Australia.

Already on the Gold  Co...
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A Message from State Member for Mermaid, Ray Stevens - February 2020

Posted on 3 February 2020
Happy New Year and welcome to 2020!  I hope you had a terrific break over Christmas and enjoyed time out with family and friends.  State Parliament recommences this week and it will be an interesting time until the important Queensland State election which will be held on Saturday 31st October 2020.

By-Election Currumbin
In the meantime, a by-election for the seat of Currumbin will be held most likely in March following the resignation for health reasons of the current memb...
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A Message from State Member for Mermaid, Ray Stevens - December 2019

Posted on 9 December 2019
Christmas Eve Holiday

Local small businesses will feel the brunt of this new Christmas Eve Public Holiday as legislated last week by the Palaszczuk Labor Government. Some will have no choice but to close as casual rates of employment will be unaffordable adding to Queensland's unemployment woes.  This is yet another example of unions running this Palaszczuk Labor Government and I feel for businesses who will be forced to close and those staffers denied the opportunity of empl...
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A Message from State Member for Mermaid, Ray Stevens - November 2019

Posted on 11 November 2019
Schoolies 2019
A proposal has been mooted to cut back the 'Schoolies Week' to 3 days.  It has taken many years and a lot of effort to achieve a positive reputation for an event that generates a lot of income for some businesses and is certainly a major week on the Gold Coast tourism calendar.  The week events have matured over the years to safely entertain and manage the 'Schoolie' crowds who are celebrating the end of their high school education.  Granted...
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A Message from State Member for Mermaid, Ray Stevens - September 2019

Posted on 9 September 2019
Qld Estimates July Hearings

The Estimates process is the questioning of the Governments 2019-20 State budget of $58 billion and this year it revealed some serious integrity issues brought about by the Palaszczuk Government displaying arrogance and hubris in its financial management of the State.  First and foremost, the Premier's own Chief of Staff, a bureaucrat earning around $500,000 per year, was given a Qld taxpayer funded grant of $267,000 to assist him float his company...
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Say No to a Christmas Eve Public Holiday

Posted by Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce President Martin Hall on 30 August 2019
The Gold Coast Central Chamber, along with other Chambers of Commerce on the Gold Coast and throughout Queensland, is opposed to the State Government proposal to have a part-day public holiday on Christmas Eve. At the outset, I would express the fact that business operators understand employees want time off on Christmas Eve to spend with their family. This is because small and medium size businesses are predominantly owned and operated by mothers, fathers and families. But this propo...
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