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Tell us what you think - Honorary Life Membership Criteria

Posted on 10 June 2016

DRAFT Honorary Life Membership Criteria

The award of Honorary Life Member is the highest honour the Chamber can bestow on an individual, corporation of organisation and as such, should only be awarded in exceptional circumstances for special or meritorious service.

A maximum of 2 Honorary Life Memberships can be granted in any one financial year of the Chamber.

Members nominating a particular candidate should ensure that the candidate fits the criteria for Honorary Life Membership, which are:

The candidate must be or has been a well-respected member of the Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce Inc. and has been a member for at least 5 years (Note 1 below) and must fulfill or has fulfilled one of the following criteria:

1. has made a substantial contribution to the Chamber and shown and maintained interest in the Chamber and its activities and endeavours. The candidate's membership has resulted in the Chamber being substantially, demonstrably and positively changed by their contribution.


2.  has maintained an active role on the Board or sub-committees of the Chamber and served 5 years as a Board, sub-committee member and/or at least 4 Years as a President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer and in the eyes of the Board, made a significant, substantial and valuable contribution and shown dedication and service to the Chamber.

Note 1:  Membership and positions held in the previous, Central Gold Coast, Nerang and Surfers Paradise - Broadbeach Chambers and their constituent Chambers prior to amalgamations, count for length and type of membership or service in the Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce Inc.

A Nomination for Honorary Life Membership form must be completed and attached to a statement about the candidate. The statement should contain information in support of the candidate's nomination for Honorary Life Membership and include details of the candidate's history of Chamber activities and any involvement in particular initiatives and any official positions held.

The Honorary Life Membership nomination form and the statement should be sent or handed to the Secretary.

The process:

  1. Verify date nomination for Honorary Life Membership was received must allow 8 weeks for consideration and processing.
  2. Verify that the proposer and seconder are Chamber members.
  3. Verify the nominee is/was a financial member of the Chamber and has been/was so for 5 years.
  4. Verify the details on the form and in the statement and the length of time and type of any positions held.

The Life Member Sub-Committee then considers the nomination and makes a recommendation to the full Chamber Board.

The Honorary Life Membership is then considered by the Chamber Board of Management and, if approved by a general resolution of members of the Chamber, can be bestowed on an appropriate occasion along with an Honorary Life Member plaque.




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