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May Post from Ray Stevens, Member for Mermaid

Posted by Ray Stevens MP, Member for Mermaid Beach on 2 May 2022


It was marvellous to see the Gold Coast ‘back on track’ with holidaymakers enjoying our local attractions, shops, restaurants and cafes over the Easter and school holiday break, even the sun came out to play!


Federal Election

The main talk about town is the imminent Federal Election on Saturday 21st May.  This is a significant election and will influence the Australian economic outlook for decades to come, Australia needs responsible fiscal managers at the helm.  Irrespective of personalities people need to consider who is best suited to guide this great country of ours through turbulent economic times and a Scott Morrison Coalition led government has both the credentials and experience.

State Government – RTA Bond Rorting

The Queensland Labor Party has recently introduced the State Penalties Enforcement (Modernisation) Amendment Bill. This Bill is merely a desperate attempt to contain the 1.2 billion blowout of fines and penalties. Whilst I support the attempt at reducing the debt which has blown out under the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s control, there are aspects of the Bill that I am extremely uncomfortable with. The Bill looks to remove the RTA Boards trusteeship of almost $1 billion of rent payers’ money and leave it in the hands of the Labor Government and their dodgy accounting.

Economic Outlook

As we appear to be entering an era of high inflation and rising interest rates householders and investors must be mindful of the consequences which are increased repayments on mortgages, loans and credit cards.  With less disposable income people may need to review their current expenditures and tighten their belts.  However fortunately for the Gold Coast, people are on the move once again and as international travel restrictions are removed or significantly reduced, we shall be welcoming a greater number of visitors.

Olympic Games

Although 2032 seems like a very long time into the future there is a lot to be done prior.  It is a shame that our city missed out on an invitation to have a direct voice for planning on the Olympic Organising Committee although we shall be proudly hosting a number of sports.  What an incredible opportunity to showcase the wonderful state of Queensland and Gold Coast!


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Ray Stevens MP
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Author:Ray Stevens MP, Member for Mermaid Beach



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