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Coronavirus precautions

Posted on 6 March 2020

While Australia and the Gold Coast has been relatively protected from the spread of Coronavirus (COVID 2019)  so far many businesses have already been disrupted.

Risk Management Tips

Steps that will help you to avoid infection:

  • Practice good personal hygiene.
  • Avoid contact with anyone with or suspected of having Coronavirus.
  • Boost your immune system by eating well, exercising, having enough sleep, and keeping your stress levels under control.
  • Cancel or delay any travel to affected areas until the crisis is over.

Recommended Actions for your organisation:

  • Implement a home quarantine regime for anyone that has travelled to an infected country or is likely to have been in contact with someone infected with Coronavirus.
  • Review and update if necessary human resource ('HR') policies on fitness for work including possible quarantining of employees and formalising the requirement for employees to remain off work if affected.
  • Consider or extending flexible working arrangements to reduce the likelihood of the spread of the virus in the workplace or the community.
  • Update travel rules and arrangements limiting non-essential business travel.
  • If not already in place, provide sanitized hand washing stations for use by staff and visitors.
  • Review arrangements for workplace hygiene and cleaning protocols including "cough and sneeze"
  • etiquette.
  • Protect the mental wellbeing of employees concerned about the coronavirus.
  • Ensure clear and honest communication to employees on their welfare.

Keep Informed:

Everyone should remain alert for updates and advice from the relevant authorities on additional steps to
manage the spread of the disease. Queensland Health is providing excellent resources and advice and regular updates.
Before travelling, check for and take the advice of any travel warnings on


* These tips are courtesy of Rolf Van Dulst, a Director of one our of members, Coastsure Insurance Brokers




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