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A message from Steve Ciobo, Federal Member for Moncrieff

Posted on 4 January 2016
A message from Steve Ciobo, Federal Member for Moncrieff

A growing economy is the best way to provide jobs for the future and allow the Gold Coast's innovative and small businesses to flourish.

The Coalition Government is already establishing a strong platform for economic growth and jobs, including our record $5.5 billion investment in small businesses.
But to generate future growth and capitalise on new opportunities, we also need a better tax system; which is why the Coalition has initiated a national conversation around tax reform.
I'd be very interested to hear from Gold Coast taxpayers, business owners, chambers of commerce anyone who has an idea about improving our tax mix and making the system work better for you.

Representing the Gold Coast Australia's small business capital I've always appreciated how important small businesses are to the strength of our economy.  When considering changes to the tax system, it's therefore essential to consider the needs of small businesses.The tax system should generate growth and support both consumers and small business owners.  We also need to recognise where our inefficiencies are and pursue opportunities for reform in these areas.  

On the other hand, Labor has continued to bury their head in the sand and ignore the real issues.  They have no plan to support the growth of Gold Coast's small businesses.  Bill Shorten has already announced a Labor Government would seek to re-implement a carbon tax disguised as an Emission Trading Scheme (ETS).The carbon tax is a tax on a small business.

When the Coalition scrapped the carbon tax in 2014, we saved the average household $550 a year and brought electricity bill relief to thousands of small businesses on the Gold Coast.We recognise a broad-based tax on everything is not the answer.  There needs to be a wider discussion about our tax mix and what changes need to be made in order to generate growth and provide incentives to work, save and invest.

To contribute to the discussion, contact my office or visit

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