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A Message from State Member for Mermaid, Ray Stevens - March 2019

Posted on 5 March 2019

Greetings all as we cool down into autumn!

State Parliament has completed its first two weeks of the sitting year and disappointingly we have endured another tax slug on everyday Queenslanders with the Palaszczuk Labor Government passing a new tax into Queensland Law. The so-called "Waste Tax" will collect $1,300 million from taxpayers over the next four years with only $150 million of that amount being returned for waste and environmental matters.  The rest of the money goes straight into Treasury coffers so this Labor Government can prop up its falling budget and borrow more to rack up Queensland debt.  My Gold Coast City Council sources who will be collecting the tax on behalf of the Labor State Government tell me it will force up Council rates by an average of 2% across the board. A shameful hidden tax grab by a union-beholden Labor Government looking for ways to pay the 26,000 public servants it has hired since coming to office at a cost of an extra $2,000 million a year.  Bring on the next State election in October 2020.

On a local note, it is time for the State Government to expand the Gold Coast Convention Centre to drive one of the fastest growing tourism markets in the world.  Currently the Gold Coast Convention Centre is limited by its size in taking on world class sized conventions which is a massive inhibitor to the growth of the Gold Coast tourism market.  You don't have to be Albert Einstein in the tourism sector to work out that a world class destination like the Gold Coast would be attractive for large conventions from China, Japan, America and New Zealand.  Instead of babbling on about a Global Tourism Hub, Tourism Minister Kate Jones should stump up with a concrete plan to expand the Gold Coast Convention Centre.  That would guarantee an increase in the high-spending convention delegate market to the Gold Coast and would bring in far more revenue to the Gold Coast than another slot-machine palace that the Labor Government is currently entertaining.

The Federal election is just around the corner and I do hope Gold Coasters see the imminent danger of a Shorten led government bringing in a negative-gearing blow to the real estate market.  Construction is our second biggest industry and on top of the banks tightening their lending policies the very notion of abolishing some aspects of negative gearing will send the real estate market into free-fall.  On top of that the raiding of self-funded retirees' income streams will also play havoc with the Gold Coast economy which has enjoyed a great run under the Federal Stewardship of a Liberal/National Party Government.

I hope for all our sakes, sanity prevails.

Should you have any State issues you would like to discuss please feel free to contact my office on: Tel: 5600 0100 / Email:

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Best wishes

Ray Stevens MP
State Member for Mermaid Beach

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