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A Message from Ray Stevens MP | State Member for Mermaid Beach

Posted on 23 February 2016
A Message from Ray Stevens MP | State Member for Mermaid Beach
The New Year has well and truly arrived and I trust that everyone had a safe and happy Christmas/New Year break as we embark on 2016.

VLAD Bikie Laws

We are keen to hear the outcomes from the Taskforce review appointed by the Palaszczuk Labor Government which is due the end of March.  We can only trust that common sense prevails and that the input from our police and the community at large ensures that the stringent laws put in place to protect our community from lawless behaviour are upheld.  There are concerns already that the word is out that the Gold Coast is again a more congenial place for unlawful activities by criminal bikie gangs and sightings of these unsavoury persons have been on the increase.

Liquor Trading Hours

In the wake of yet more 'coward hit' punch incidents in our entertainment precincts the Palaszczuk Labor Government is still prevaricating on what affirmative action they will take to halt this senseless random alcohol fuelled violence in our communities.  Winding back the funds available for "Safe Night Out Precincts" and reducing dedicated police numbers to these problem areas is not the answer from this apparently clueless State Government.  Not only are these life-threatening incidents not tolerable in any society, they are damaging to our wholesome family orientated tourism industry.

Economy / Employment / Jobs

With world markets trembling on the back of the china slow-down, it is important that we concentrate on what drives the Gold Coast economy.  Tourism, construction and education are the backbone of our economic well-being and all measures to ensure continued growth in these areas should be pursued.  We have a destination product that is unequalled throughout the world and our focus should be on protecting our unrivalled reputation and telling the world how good we are.

Should you have any State issues you would like to discuss please feel free to contact my office on Tel: 5526 0473 / E:  

Best wishes

Ray Stevens MP
State Member for Mermaid Beach

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